AutoVent, LLC: Automation in Dairy Ventillation

Sprinkler Control


Humidity Master 1000

The Humidity Master 1000 uses a logic controller to control the flow of water and air to your cows. The program is designed to give the optimal amount of cooling while keeping the cow bed dry using input sensors for both temperature and humidity.

Humidity Master Controller Unit . . . HMC-1000

Controls spray time and dry time in four zones.
Short protected, solid-state relays for long life.

System Components

  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • Combination Humidity and Temp Sensor
  • Low Voltage 24 V Electric Valve and Filter
  • Water Pressure Regulator
  • Solid-state Long-Life Relays (short protected)
  • Optional Fan Control Module controls up to 4 fan zones with 4 modes
  • Optional Additional Temperature Sensors for each zone
  • Optional Remote Control for Timer Control


AutoMist System

2 stage evaporative cooling controller for high pressure misters using humidity and temperature.

Auto-Mist . . . AM-1200

  • Humidity compensation keeps stalls and aisles dry.
  • Controls 2 stages of pumps or solenoids
  • Nema4x enclosure
  • 1 thermistor temperature sensor
  • 1 humidity sensor
  • (2) SPDT 5 amp relay outputs.
  • 120 volt input power


C-450 Sprinkler Control

This new sprinkler control from AutoVent is an ideal brain for your livestock cooling. The C-450 controls up to four electric valves in sequence. Because of the sequencing program built into this controller, demand on your water system is reduced. This versatile system provides infinite ramp drying times based on temperature. All Electric Solenoid Kits are sold separately.


Versatile: C-450 controls 4 individual valves. If you have less than 4 valves the remaining zones can be fan controls.

  • Nema4x enclosure
  • Controls 4 zones with independently switched solenoids
  • 1 thermistor temperature sensor
  • Four 24V AC outputs
  • 120 volt input power

Sprinkler Control . . . C-450