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Vent Genie


System Specifications

  • Master box has 8 relay outputs
  • Expansion boxes have 16 relays
  • NOW INCLUDES: Cooling pad humidity & temperature control
  • up to 24 individually curtain circuits; this includes garage doors and baffles; one circuit uses 2 relays
  • up to 50 individually controlled circulating fan circuits or up to 32 tunnel fan circuits; a fan circuit only uses 1 relay
  • up to 6 individual sprinkler circuits using only 1 relay each. Note: the sprinkler circuits run consecutively to reduce water gpm demand.
  • Master Box display shows building conditions
  • Smart Curtain Protection System protects all curtains from overstress. Protection is integrated in the controller for centralized management.
  • Optional network to have expansion boxes mounted at multiple locations.

Sensors Included with VentGenie

  • 1 Wind Speed / Direction
  • 1 Humidity Sensor
  • 1 AMP Sensor
  • 5 Temp Sensors

The AMP sensor (VG-0098) enables Smart Motor Overload Protection and protects your curtains in varying conditions.

About the Program

The VentGenie uses temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind speed to intelligently control curtains, baffles, garage doors, overhead fans and tunnel fans, plus complete sprinkler systems. By using current weather conditions, the VentGenie selects Tunnel Ventilation mode for warm, still days, while selecting Natural Ventilation mode on days with a breeze. The system is engineered to save energy by running fans only when needed to keep air quality good or to manage warmer temperatures. It responds to stocking density quickly. Wind chill will shut curtains towards wind while not leaving air quality drop.

Temperature Differential

Temperature Differential is a huge improvement over simple thermostat controlled ventilation. This revolutionary system uses temperature differences in the barn to detect air quality or the presence of ammonia. It tracks cow comfort in all seasons and keeps the barn air quality high, while not letting the barn get too cold. Temperature rise / temperature differential is a much better indicator of air quality than a simple temperature measurement.


The VentGenie is the perfect solution for the challenges of ventilating in changeable Springtime weather. Warm and windless days trigger tunnel mode or overhead fans, keeping your cows cool. In cool weather, the temperature sensor triggers the curtains to drop and natural mode ventilation saves energy and money. The VentGenie can sense differing conditions throughout the day, and will automatically change between tunnel ventilation and natural ventilation.


In the heat of Summer, the VentGenie responds in several ways to keep the environment ideal for your cows. It will switch on tunnel or overhead fan mode for the majority of the time, but will open up the barn with wind over 5-9 mph (user changeable) for natural ventilation. In addition to this, it is controlling sprinklers at the same time using humidity and temperature to control spray and dry times.


As the heat of summer fades, and Autumn brings cooler weather, the VentGenie switches easily between tunnel or fan mode and natural ventilation as in the springtime. Warm humid days will still call for fans and sprinklers, while cool nights will trigger natural ventilation. The VentGenie is programmed to intricately follow rapidly changing weather.


The benefit of the VentGenie during the Winter is its ability to sense the need for fresh air using temperature differential from multiple sensors. It will open the curtains several inches to bring fresh air in. the system will check temp differential 3-5 minutes later and adjusts the curtain accordingly. This system has proven very effective in getting fresh air to your livestock. Fans and sprinklers will remain idle most of the winter.

VentGenie Components


VentGenie Master Controller Unit

Controls curtains, fans, and sprinklers.

Eight SPDT relays.


VentGenie Expansion Unit

Extends the number of circuits controlled and recognized by the VentGenie Master Controller.

Sixteen SPDT relays.

Power Supply

Power Supply for DC Curtain Motors

Supplies up to four DC motors.

Features thermal overload protection.

  • 300 watt . . . RPS-0300
  • 600 watt . . . RPS-0600

Optional Variable Speed Controller

This optional controller extends the capability of the VentGenie in controlling HVLS fans. Compatible with most all variable frequency drives. (0-10v signal)


Optional Rain Sensor

This optional sensor extends the capability of the VentGenie to close curtains during driving rain. One rain sensor provides signal for all curtains. The VentGenie uses rain signal in addition to wind speed and direction to determine which curtains to close.

Upgrade to 100 foot cord sensor. . . . . . . URS-1024


Optional Remote

  • One button wired remote VGP-01
  • Two button wired remote VGP-02
  • Wireless curtain remote VGW-4 (shown)

PC/Android-compatible monitoring software is available. Please contact us for more details.