AutoVent, LLC: Automation in Dairy Ventillation

AutoVent, LLC: Automation in Dairy Ventillation

Summertime heat and humidity have a large impact on cow comfort and milk production. Research has shown that temperatures above 71° and relative humidity higher than 60% will cause a noticeable rise in the body temperature of cows. This heat stress in cows will show up in reduced feed intake, followed by a drop in milk production. Some research reports suggest that that drops in milk yield of 20-30% following heat stress are not uncommon in high-producing herds. In addition to these adverse affects, heat stress negatively impacts the reproductive health of cows. These reproductive repercussions can last even till late fall.

At AutoVent, we enjoy designing and building dairy specific ventilation controls and greenhouse control components.

Take time to browse our products to see how your operation may be benefited by automation control technology. If one of our standard packages does not meet your needs, we will gladly customize a solution for you!

We are located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. We love solving technical problems and we strive to provide you with economical choices in automation technology.

We also offer you the opportunity to private label our products, giving you a unique product in the marketplace.

What our customers are saying:

“Tell them the VentGenie works”

Reid Hoover, Lebanon PA
400 cow Freestall Barn with VentGenie system

“Its my robotic ventilation. My sand bedding stays drier because the curtains are open more.”

Brian Zeiset, Ephrata PA
90 cow freestall barn sand bedding

“VentGenie has been the best dairy barn ventilation controller I’ve ever used. I can’t out smart it. Kevin Hoover has always been very helpful at installation and troubleshooting.”

Mason Dixon Farms, Gettysburg, PA